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Stroud Magician

I recently performed magic in Stroud for a 30th birthday party. I was the surprise element of the party and performed for a couple of hours, mingling with the guests. At several points in the evening, I had almost everyone at the party crowding around me as I performed magic for the birthday girl. It was a lot of fun!

Here’s a brief extract from an email I received from the lady that booked me:

Andi, you were wonderful at our daughter’s 30th birthday party. Truly magic – all our friends with us that evening are still talking about your great tricks, done right under their noses, you really amazed them! We will be calling on you again for our next special party. Many thanks. — Mandy Free, Stroud

The photograph below is halfway through a trick at the party, where I turn the deck of cards into a solid block of glass … whilst someone is holding it!

Stroud Magician