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Magic Show Gloucester

This week I was invited to attend a magic show at the Kings Theatre, Gloucester in which my friend Tim Shoesmith was the opening act. Very few magicians put on shows of this nature, so I am very keen to support shows of this nature. I have my own Evening of Deception, which I’ve talked about here before, but other than that, there are only a handful of other independent magic shows in the UK.

It was clear that Tim and Dean (the two performers) had worked hard on producing a good show. The audience seemed to be very much enjoying it; as was I and the other close-up magicians that I went with.

It was strange returning to the the Kings Theatre as I haven’t been there since I performed an illusion show there when I was about fourteen! I performed with two female assistants (also known as “two friends from school!”) and thankfully, I don’t think I’ve performed an illusion ever since. The other performer in the show was Richard O’Brien of Crystal Maze and Rocky Horror Show fame. I don’t remember the circumstances on how all this happened, but it was fun to be involved with anyway!

As an aside, Tim reminded me that we did a radio interview together for Radio Oxford last year. You can hear the interview here.