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Gloucester Magician

I am one of the only professional close-up magicians in the Gloucester area. There are a few magicians that you’ll come across on Google that claim to be a Gloucester magician but not actually be from this area, or even worse, claim to be a professional magician when actually they just do it for a bit of money on the side.

Over the past few months alone, I have performed in most of the major Gloucester wedding, conference and party venues and am frequently asked back to entertain at various parties in the area. I have a few pages on my website and on this blog that highlight my performances as a Gloucester magician and list the various venues that I have performed at over the years.

If you’re hiring a magician in Gloucester, whether it’s me, or someone else, be sure to check their credentials to ensure that they’re a professional and that they do actually live in the area instead of just tricking Google into thinking they do!