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Denmark Magic Tour

I’ve recently returned from a brief tour of Denmark, where I was the guest of a magician called Rune Klan. Rune is a close friend and Denmark’s most famous magician and comedian. Each night, he performed for several thousand people in packed theatres and received wonderful reactions. It was a real treat to see just how much the Danish audiences loved him.

Rune’s theatre show is unlike magic shows that I’ve seen anywhere else. His magic is incredibly original (for his opening trick, he swallows a bicycle!), very funny and not to mention exceptionally skillful. I don’t think I’ve seen any other stage magician use so many difficult tricks in one show, including amazing sleight of hand magic, dice stacking, contact juggling and more.

Not speaking Danish, I didn’t understand much of what Rune talked about in the show, but as the tour progressed I started to understand things a little more.

So, thanks to Rune and his great team for a fun-filled, interesting few days! It was eye-opening to see just how successful a magician could be if they don’t compromise and work as hard as Rune. I’m excited to return to Denmark next year, where I’ll be giving a lecture and performance to Danish magicians.