Click here to watch Magician in Balloon. As seen on Fool Us & The Next Great Magician.
April Show Updates

If you’ve read my last few blog posts, it probably seems as though I’ve spent more time having fun than working! So, here’s a brief update of the shows I’ve done over the past few weeks:

Gloucester Magician
I performed for a 50th birthday party at the Gloucester Irish club. There were about 150 people at the party, so I had to work extremely quickly to ensure that I got around everyone! It was a lot of fun and a good atmosphere with people from all ages at the party.

Cheltenham Magician
I returned to the Daffodil restaurant (one of my favourite places to work) to entertain at a private birthday party. The theme was 1920’s so everyone was in fancy dress (except me!) and enjoying the cocktails and food.

Bristol Magician
I performed at a wedding in Clifton, Bristol. It was a very relaxed affair with about 50 people at the wedding, giving me plenty of opportunity to ensure that everyone got to see magic over the two-hour period.

It’s been nice to work close to home these past few weeks. Tomorrow I’m working a little farther away, but given the nice weather I’m sure the drive will be lovely!