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My DVD set is now out!

My first ever DVD set, The Master Pushoff is now out. It’s specifically for magicians (sorry normal people!) and teaches the sleight of hand techniques that I use at my shows. If you’ve ever seen me perform magic, either at a show or for magicians, you would have definitely seen me use the techniques that I teach on the DVD set.

The DVDs were shot earlier this year during a multi-day shoot in a studio in Newbury. I uploaded some photos to the blog a few days after the shoot, giving a brief glimpse at this very tiring filming schedule!

I won’t give any more information about the content of the DVDs as this blog is intended for my non-magician readers. If you’re a magician who happens to be reading this, you can view more info on the Master Pushoff page at Vanishing Inc. where you can also view a trailer of the DVD.

The DVD is selling extremely well and is popping up on close-up magician’s Christmas lists all over the world! So if you see magicians performing in the New Year, the may well be using techniques from my DVDs!