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Card Magician Hire

Some event organisers specifically want to hire a card magician. I specialise in performing and eventing card tricks and have been lucky enough to travel the world performing and teaching them to magicians. I have had over 100 of my own card tricks published in books, magazines and DVDs for other card magicians, so have a large repertoire of sleight of hand card magic.

When hired as a card magician, I only perform tricks from a genuine, unprepared deck of cards. I don’t use any secretly gimmicked decks of cards that you may have seen sold at magic shops. Everything I perform is done using pure sleight of hand, which I have practiced over the past fifteen years.

I’ve entertained groups as small as two or three, right up to a group of over a thousand people. Card magic can be entertaining, fooling, exciting and funny! Feel free to contact me using the link above to talk about my card magic and sleight of hand performances.

Card Magician