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Sleight-of-Hand For Poker Players

Got a keen card player in the family and want to get them a unique gift? Here’s an idea: I’ll play cards with them and win … every single time; that’s a guarantee!

Even the best card players and casinos in the world can’t beat undetectable sleight of hand and card counting, so I’m willing to play against any card players and cheat my way to success (for fun, not profit!). One game that I often play takes this to the extreme as I allow the other player to choose every single action that I do (even allowing them to look at my cards), yet I still win, every time without even touching the cards!

Being cheated at cards for entertainment purposes (i.e. not for money) is a very fun, unique experience. So if you are thinking about hiring a sleight of hand magician for your party, I’d be happy to perform a close-up act that consists of some great magic, along with some gambling and card routines that involve me cheating my way to success in apparently extremely fair card games.

View my sleight of hand magician page for more details on this kind of magic.