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Magic: The Complete Course

If you go down to the bookstore today, you’ll sure have a big surprise.

Magic: The Complete CourseActually, you probably won’t, but I felt like it was a nice introduction to this blog post. If you do go to any major bookstore though, check out Magic: The Complete Course by Joshua Jay. It’s one of the biggest selling magic books of all time and features, amongst other magicians … me! The author published a short biography of me (calling me a “modern master”), alongside magicians such as David Blaine, David Copperfield and a couple of well known magicians. It’s obvious that I have no place alongside those great magicians, but I’m certainly very proud to be featured!

You can learn a trick of mine in the book where you are able to correctly predict somebody’s favourite subject from their schooldays … while talking to them over the phone! It’s a fun trick to perform and over the past year, I’ve met several people at gigs that have performed the trick, which is always a great compliment.

If you don’t speak English (which I assume you do, if you can read this!), the book will also shortly be available in French, Russian and Chinese!