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Cheltenham Magician

Yesterday I performed at a wedding in Cheltenham. It’s always nice to perform locally (I live in Gloucester; just a few minutes from Cheltenham) and it’s nice to perform in a venue that I’ve been to before. I worked at the Pittville Pump Room, a well known Cheltenham wedding and function venue.

I was asked to perform at this wedding after a performance I did for Sozo Design in Cheltenham. It’s a great pleasure when someone sees me perform and immediately asks me to be part of their event and that’s exactly what happened here!

I performed magic during the wedding breakfast, taking about two hours to perform for the ten tables. Everyone was a lot of fun and I noticed a couple of people from the Sozo party, so it was great to see some familiar faces … I have a separate performance set for people I’ve met before, so I was well prepared to show them something different from the last party!

Tonight I’m working locally again; performing in Hereford. More on that later!

Cheltenham Magician