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5 Misconceptions About Magicians

I meet a lot of people that are surprised that I’m not like “most magicians” and to me, that’s a very positive thing. Here are the common misconceptions that people seem to have about magicians:

1. Magicians all old, bow tie-wearing, balding men.
Not all magicians are like that. I admit that a lot of them are; but I’m certainly not. I’m young, wear nice suits and still have a full head of hair (appart from a small amount of receding that I don’t like to talk about).

2. Magicians are for kids.
If you’ve never seen a group of adults gasp in amazement at close-up magic, you’re in for a real treat. Almost everyone likes magic when it’s performed well.

3. Hiring a magician is incredibly expensive.
You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive hiring a magician can be. Get in touch for prices.

4. Magicians are cocky and generally unliked.
That’s just a small number of magicians giving a bad name to the rest of us. We’re a fun, likeable bunch who perform original, funny magic without being cocky, insulting or – dare I say it – pervy.

5. A magician’s hand is quicker than the eye.
OK, so that one’s true. But ssssh.

6. Magicians can’t count.
Damn. I guess you’re right about that one.