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Wedding Magician

I perform at weddings at least once a week and therefore, I’m pleased to take a break next Saturday as I’ll be getting married myself! I’m marrying my longtime, long suffering girlfriend Sarah who has seen me perform more card tricks that anyone else alive!

We’re getting married at the amazing Dormy House Hotel in Broadway, Worcestershire and will be surrounded by many of our friends and family from all around the world. We’ve flown a magician over from the USA to entertain our guests, which will also include fifteen or so professional close-up magicians.

Continuing the magic theme, my two best men are also professional magicians! One is flying over from New York City especially to be there. In fact, even the head bridesmaid is a professional close-up magician so we’re expecting a very magical wedding!

I’ll be reporting more on the wedding once we get back from our honeymoon in the Maldives. I won’t be posting anything the week or so after the wedding as I’ll be busy relaxing! I have someone manning my emails though, so feel free to still get in touch.