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No Performance is the Same

At a recent wedding, a photographer followed me around most of the tables that I performed at and took some great photos.

At the end of the evening, I joked that he must be getting bored of my magic given that he would have seen my act about ten times that night. His response, however, interested me. He said (paraphrased as my memory isn’t perfect!), “Not at all. Every table that you’ve performed at was a different show. The people were different, so your tricks, jokes and presentations were different. The way you changed your style for the table of old people and then brought it back up for the younger crowd was extremely interesting.

The photographer has essentially picked up my main goal when performing. I don’t just run through the motions of an act, but instead try to create a unique experience every time. I don’t have scripts and I decide which tricks to perform for the audience once I get to know them. This allows me to “play” with the audience and create a unique, interesting show for everyone there!