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Derbyshire Magician

This Saturday I made my way up to Derbyshire to perform at a party for about 100 people, who filled various rooms of a really nice restaurant. Derby is a reasonable drive for me, but it was well worth it as everyone at the party was really nice and up for a good time.

Here’s a brief extract from Alicia, the lady who hired me to perform at the party:

“You went down a storm, Andi! Made the party much more enjoyable. Thank you so much for a very entertaining evening. You are wonderful entertainer!”
—Alicia Turnock, Derbyshire

Once I had finished work for the night, I was invited to stay around for some food. As I was eating a bread roll, I got caught off guard by a table who demanded an encore! Not wanting to disappoint them, I put my roll down, had someone write his name on the card and shuffled it into the deck. “It would be amazing if my card ended up in your bread roll,” the man quipped. He was right … it would be amazing. I didn’t say another word; instead I just nodded down at the roll and allowed him to pick it up and do the rest. The table went crazy, the guy wanted to keep the roll and the signed card so I left on a high … and very hungry!