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Inexpensive Close-Up Magicians

Every industry suffers from the same problem: newcomers or people who don’t get much business post crazily low prices on their website in order to attract attention. For example, over the last couple of days I’ve seen a close-up magician who claims to travel anywhere in the country for £99, and another for £149.

The truth is; a good, professional close-up magician will never quote his or her prices on their website (and to be honest, would never charge £99!) and would never have a one-price fits all scheme. In order to give your event the proper attention required (instead of just turning up and doing a few tricks), the magician needs to talk to you personally (over phone or email) to fully understand the event and your requirements before giving a bespoke price to perform at your event.

I have previously hired close-up magicians myself (for corporate events for my old employer and for my own private parties) and I quickly learned that price should only be part of the deciding factor. When hiring a magician, I was looking for someone absolutely astounding, someone memorable and someone who would do the best job possible at the event. That someone would never charge £99!

I normally reply to price enquiry emails within an hour or two if they’re sent on a weekday (weekends and evenings take longer as I’m normally performing), so if you’d like a bespoke, yet competitive quote to hire a close-up magician feel free to get in touch!