Click here to watch Magician in Balloon. As seen on Fool Us & The Next Great Magician.
Bar Magician

About a month ago I performed at big event in a marquee and one thing that really stood out was the bar (as strange as that sounds!). The bar was illuminated with bright lights from underneath the tabletop, which was what made it really stand out. They also had flair bartenders, which is something I always enjoy as it’s a skill a little akin to sleight of hand magic.

I performed a little magic for the bar staff while we were waiting for everyone to arrive and they were all a lot of fun to perform for. That performance has now created an interesting partnership. If you hire LiquidSpirit’s mobile bar for your event, you can also arrange for them to hire me to perform close-up magic behind the bar for the evening.

Bar magic isn’t particularly common in the UK (compared to the USA, for example where it is a lot more common), but it’s a great way to create a really memorable experience for your guests. I stand behind the bar and perform a small show for people as they’re waiting to be served, or as they’re sat at the bar enjoying a cocktail or two. It’s a fun, and unique experience.

Check out LiquidSpirit’s mobile bar hire website for more info.