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Wedding Magician in the UK

Something that you may not realise is that hiring wedding magicians is very much a British thing. Whereas a large number of couples hire a magician for weddings in the UK, the rest of the world haven’t caught on yet.

I have magician friends in many countries across the world and they tell me that it is extremely rare to hire a magician for your wedding in their countries. I did a little research on this and found that people in Canada, Australia and Japan sometimes hire wedding magicians but nothing compared to what we have in the UK.

In fact, after a little number crunching I found that more people in the UK search Google for “wedding magician” than the rest of the world put together … by a long way! In fact, roughly 88% of all people that look for a wedding magician online are from the UK.

So if you’re organising a typically British wedding and are looking for wedding entertainment ideas, why not try a wedding magician like me!