Click here to watch Magician in Balloon. As seen on Fool Us & The Next Great Magician.
An Early Christmas Magician!

Last week I confirmed my first booking for Christmas 2010. To many people the idea of booking Christmas party entertainment in May probably sounds crazy; but it really is the only way to ensure that your chosen close-up magician is available to perform at your Christmas party.

This particular event will see five close-up magicians performing at the party. Given that December is always the busiest month for magicians, we never get to see each other toward the end of the year so it’s always nice to be working with other close-up magicians so that we can spend some time with each other.

The key Christmas party dates are normally the last three Fridays and Saturdays before Christmas. Therefore, if you know that your company is going to organising a Christmas party this year, why not nudge them in my direction?

I’m looking forward to a busy Christmas and hope that I’ll be able to perform at your party.