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Cyprus Bound

This post serves two purposes:

1. To let you know what I’m up to.
2. To kill some time while waiting for my flight.

After a few hours sleep caused by a late night working, followed by a 3am start to drive to Heathrow airport, I’m now just about to board a flight to Larnaca.

I’m spending the week in Cyprus with a close friend and top US close-up magician Joshua Jay. Josh is just gearing up for a month or so of television appearances to coincide with his new book launch so we’re taking a week to relax, tour Cyprus (with a few performance engagements added in) and to discuss and create some new magic tricks.

It’s set to be a fun adventure (especially since I’m flying back with British Airways during the strike) and I’m looking forward to getting there! If you need a magician whilst I am away, feel free to get in touch and I’ll recommend some great magicians for you!