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Busy Teaching Magic

This week I’ve been busy preparing for three interesting projects that all involve teaching magic:

1. A tour of Cyprus
British Airways strike permitting, I’ll be flying over to Cyprus for a week to tour with a friend. He will be presenting his magic to a couple of magic clubs and I’ll be on hand to help out and teach a trick or two of mine. These kind of events are like a busman’s holiday, but are always a lot of fun. My friend is from New York so we rarely get to spend a week together unless we’re touring together.

2. A magic DVD
The week after I return from Cyprus I’ll be in the studio for a few days filming my first ever DVD for magicians. It’ll be available for magicians (and only magicians as they contain a lot of my sleight of hand techniques!) to buy all over the world later in the year. I’m a little old school so normally only teach my magic in books aimed specifically at close-up magicians so am excited to see how it translates to DVD.

3. Magic downloads
I’m filming three downloads. Two for professional magicians and one for non-magicians (I hate to leave you out). These are a great way for magicians to learn my magic without waiting for the postman to arrive.

I’ll keep you posted on all three projects on this blog!