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Product Launch Magician

I just saw a product advertised on television that I was involved in launching and it reminded me that I hadn’t posted about it.

The product is called Flomax, which is used to help men with urination issues. Not something I’ve experienced before, but something that I was happy to research and get behind to entertain a combination of staff, luminaries and clients at the launch party in Gloucestershire. The makers specifically asked me to include some of their marketing in my performances, which also contained several magic pieces and jokes, written especially for the occasion. Obviously with a sensitive subject of this matter, a level of decorum is needed and I’m pleased to say that was maintained during my presentation.

Product launch magicianThe guests thoroughly enjoyed the magic and I was pleased to be involved in, what I’m told is, quite a revolutionary product in the pharmaceutical world. Having a background in marketing really helps at such product launch and PR events as I’m able to work with the company to put on a great show with a little marketing spin, instead of just turning up and performing a few magic tricks. On the right is a slightly blurry iPhone pic that I snapped at the event.

If you’re holding a product launch and want a magician to entertain and provide a little marketing spin, please get in touch. I believe I’m the only professional close-up magician in the industry who has extensive marketing knowledge, making me your perfect choice for when you need a close-up magician to help launch your product!