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Magic Circle Trip

If you are a regular reader of this blog (hello to both of you), you’ll know that I was recently featured on the cover of The Magic Circle’s journal and that I try to visit the headquarters in London as often as I can.

After attending a magicians’ conference in Southampton on Sunday (where I performed some magic from the books that I wrote for magicians), I decided to make the trip to The Magic Circle in London. A friend of mine (a professional close-up magician from Florida) who has been staying with me was performing at The Magic Circle’s headquarters so I traveled down with him for the day yesterday.

The day started by meeting a friend at a magic television production company (creators of Derren Brown’s show and many other great television shows) and getting a preview of some upcoming magic television shows. It’s always fun to be let inside the magical world of television!

We then traveled over to The Magic Circle to meet up with some close-up magicians where I performed some of the new tricks that I’ve been working on recently. The photograph on the below is a quick snap (typical blurry iPhone pic) of me on stage at The Magic Circle.

Today I met up with the team members and magicians for An Evening of Deception. Now, I can finally relax for a few days before a busy couple of weeks of shows across the country.

Magic Circle Magician