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Hire a Card Shark

A card shark is someone who is highly skilled with a deck of cards and is able to cheat without being caught. Having played in most of the top Las Vegas casinos and performed magic all around the world, I am able to combine these skills to create an interesting fun show of magic and card sharkery.

My card shark performances are normally best suited for specific poker events, casinos or parties with fun casino tables (most fun casino companies will allow you to hire an extra table for me to perform on). This allows me to show actual techniques taught to me by genuine card cheats and to perform card magic with a gambling theme.

Ever seen someone cut to the four Aces from as shuffled deck, or deal himself a royal flush even though the cards were completely shuffled by the other players? Hire me as a card shark to see it up close and personal!

See my sleight of hand magician page for even more details about this kind of specialist magic and how to hire a card shark like me!

Card Shark