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Magic Circle Close-Up Magician Awards

Today is always a fun day in the magic calendar: The Magic Circle’s Close-Up Magician of the Year Awards. I’ll be trekking over to London in a few hours to The Magic Circle Headquarters in Euston to see ten or so close-up magicians fight it out for the title of Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the Year.

The club arranges for around 100 non-magicians to attend the evening. Each magician performs for the non-magicians and then all The Magic Circle members watch the show on a big screen in another room. It’s always a lot of fun and there’s always great banter between the magicians.

As an organiser of a conference for close-up magicians, it’s important that I stay up to date with the trends in magic and the best magicians in the country, so this is always an important event for me.

The rest of the week is also busy with a couple of meetings and performances including a wedding at the end of the week with several other entertainers including magicians and pickpockets. I always enjoy big shows like this and it’s great fun to see other magicians perform in the same environment.