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What is a Walkaround Magician?

You may have heard the phrase “walkaround magician” before. Since a client recently asked me to explain the term, I thought I’d take a moment to detail what a walkaround magician is on this blog.

A walkaround magician is any magician that “walks around” and mingles with guests at a wedding or party and performs close-up magic. This is normally during a drinks reception or at a house party before a sit-down meal where the magician approaches small groups and performs magic for them. It’s a great way for people to interact with a magician and see some amazing magic literally inches away.

The type of magic that I perform when working as a walkaround magician is slightly different to when I perform for a large banquet table. As a walkaround magician I perform amazing magic with smaller props (such as cards, coins, keys and borrowed objects). And because I’m just a few inches away from the audience, it’s perhaps the most relaxed type of magic I get to perform, which makes for a really fun experience for everyone.

A walkaround magician is a really fun way of adding to a party and creating a great talking point. I perform as a walkaround magician every week of the year, so feel free to get in contact if you need any advice or ideas from one of the country’s few professional walkaround magicians!