Click here to watch Magician in Balloon. As seen on Fool Us & The Next Great Magician.
Visting The Magic Circle

Today is my day off, so I’ll be paying a visit to The Magic Circle Headquarters in London. Based off a small side street just outside of Euston Station, The Magic Circle is where magicians meet up and socialise. It’s a custom built modern venue with a theatre (as shown in the photograph), a bar, a museum, a library and a room that is perfect for close-up magic.

Magic Circle magicianAttending The Magic Circle is a good opportunity for me to talk business with other close-up magicians and show them the latest tricks that I’ve invented, or been working on since we last met.

It’s a member’s only venue (for magicians only!) and you have to perform for the other magicians in order to be allowed to join. Unfortunately, I don’t get to visit too often, but am always pleased to tell people that I’m a member of the prestigious Magic Circle!