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Surprise Close-Up Magician

I’ve noticed something interesting over the past few months: lots of people are hiring a close-up magician as a surprise gift.

Already this year I’ve been hired as a gift for small private parties, large dinner parties and more, where the person who was celebrating their birthday had no idea who I was until I approached their table to perform close-up magic.

Surprise magicianMost people who have hired me for such events tell me that it’s for a surprise so that I can contact them at agreed times and arrive at a specific location without the surprise being spoiled. I’ve been hired for this type of surprise enough times to ensure that the person who the gift is for never sees me until the minute I start performing.

Hiring a close-up magician to perform as a surprise gift is especially perfect for the person who has everything and for the person that you can never work out what to buy. By hiring a close-up magician you get to give an experience that they’ll never forget and that everyone at the party can enjoy. It’s like a Red Letter day without the hassle … and one that the entire family can get involved with!