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My first stand-up comedy experience

When I work as a close-up magician, I always add comedy to my magic by improvising jokes based on things that people say, the environment that we’re in and the things that happen during my act. I don’t use pre-written corny jokes like many other close-up magicians, but instead try to improvise comedy based on the audience and the magic. This creates a much more personalised and unique experience for everyone; including me!

My latest challenge to myself was quite different though: stand-up comedy without magic! It has always been a goal of mine so I decided to make it happen recently. The audience reacted really well and I’m proud that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to try it. I won’t be quitting the day job (a professional close-up magician!) but I’ll definitely be doing more stand-up comedy in the future; perhaps combining my skills as a magician with stand-up comedy.

Below are a few photos of the event:

Close-up Magician

Andi Gladwin magician

Stand up comedy

Tune in next time to see the results of my next goal: to be the third member of Jedward.