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My Close-Up Magicians Conference

Five years ago, along with another professional magician, I launched a conference for serious close-up magicians. The Session is an annual event that attracts close-up magicians from all over the world. It’s the only event dedicated specifically to close-up magicians in the UK and has quickly become one of the most popular magician’s conferences in the magic calendar.

This year people are coming from as far afield as Canada, America, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Germany and Austria to see me and a group of other close-up magicians talk about our magic. It’s held in Gloucester and is a great way for magicians to learn magic from professional close-up magicians.

As well as hosting the conference, I’ll also be putting on an event that teaches magicians how to create their own magic, will be performing some of my own magic in a show and will also be compering a show that we’re calling Andi’s Stag Do (I’m getting married later this year). It’s the first time I’ve ever MCed a magic show and I’m looking forward to trying out some stand-up comedy without performing a single trick, for the first time ever. Hopefully it won’t be the last!