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Magic Circle Magician

One of the questions that I get asked the most (other than “Can you make my wife disappear”) is whether I’m a member of the famous Magic Circle. The answer is: yes!

The Magic Circle is a famous magic club with only a few thousand members throughout the world. It was founded by a group of magicians in 1905 and has been going strong ever since. It is now the most famous association for magicians in the world.

Nowadays, we’re based in London (our headquarters are in Euston) where we meet to discuss and improve the art of magic. We’ve got a library that holds millions of mysteries in thousands of books that were written especially for magicians. We’ve got a museum, a theatre and my favourite place … a bar!

To join, I had to give an audition (performing in front of a group of the country’s best magicians; who unanimously voted me into the club) and give my word not to willfully disclose magic secrets other than to bona fide students of magic. To date, I’ve kept that promise.

Being a member of the Magic Circle is a way of confirming that I am a good, entertaining magician. I was even recently featured by the club and given the honour of being put on the cover of their magazine.