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London Magician Conference

For me, being a magician isn’t just a job; it’s my life! I don’t just work as a magician, I am a magician!

So, on the odd weekend that I take off from work, I normally attend conferences for magicians. This weekend was no exception as I attended one of the bigger magician conferences called International Magic Convention. It was hosted in a great little theatre on the London Embankment as was attended by about 300 magicians.

At these kind of gatherings, magicians most often sit around, share stories from gigs and entertain each other with their latest magic tricks. Magicians from all over the world attend and it’s a great way to see what trends are happening in magic at the present time and compare notes with other magicians.

Now that the weekend is over, it’s time to recover from all of the London food and late nights and get ready for this week’s upcoming gigs. If you haven’t booked your Christmas party magician yet, get in touch as I still have a few dates available … and if I’m not available, I met 300 magicians that might be this weekend!