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How Much Does a Table Magician Cost?

If you’ve never hired a table magician before, you probably have one question that you’d like to ask: how much does a table magician cost?

I don’t display prices on my website because like all professional magicians, I customise my price based on your requirements. Visit my magician contact page and fill out the form and I’ll get back to you (normally in a couple of hours) with a no obligation quote.

Get an instant price:

Of course, if you want an instant quote, give me a call on 07759 645071 and after asking a few simple questions (location, number of people etc), I’ll be able to give you a quote over the phone.

Don’t worry; unlike other magicians, I won’t then bombard you with a dozen emails chasing you up and asking if you’ve made a decision yet! Once I’ve provided the quote, I wait until you get back in contact with me instead of constantly bothering you!

So, sorry I can’t answer your question about how much a magician costs on the blog, but get in touch and I’ll customise a price for you straight away!